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Choosing a sunscreen that won't harm you -- or the environment

The New York Times

Should Black People Wear Sunscreen? Does it make sense for me, a dark-skinned black woman, to wear sunscreen? The answer is more complicated than it may seem.

the Washington Post

In Rare occasions dark skinned people can get skin cancer but sunscreen won’t help.


The Stigmas Around Botox and Fillers for Black People Are Changing. The age-old saying 'Black don't crack' feels less relevant to a new generation of Black and brown folks who are embracing cosmetic procedures.

The Atlantic

AI-Driven Dermatology Could Leave Dark-Skinned Patients Behind. Machine learning has the potential to save thousands of people from skin cancer each year—while putting others at greater risk.

Acne’s Wonder Drug Is a Mental-Health Puzzle. Accutane is already controversial for its possible links to depression. It could also have a range of other effects.

Slate (FrAnce)

La crème solaire ne protégerait pas les peaux noires des cancers. Le lien entre exposition au soleil et mélanome n'est pas établi chez les personnes à la peau foncée.

Med Page Today

Study: Atypical Moles Not Precursors to Melanoma— But data show they are markers of risk for cutaneous melanoma arising elsewhere

Women’s Health

People Of Color Are Dying Because Of Delays In Lifesaving Melanoma Surgery. Race shouldn't determine whether or not Americans with melanoma live or die. Unfortunately, new studies show that it does.

Physicians Weekly

E-Prescribing Increases Medication Adherence

Minnesota Post

Obamacare replacement plan’s elimination of indoor tanning tax will cost money — and lives


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Meredith’s Mission for Melanoma

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